Heart of the Dead

Heart of the Dead
Series: Perpetual Creatures, Book 1
Publisher: Gemini Gremlin Ink
ISBN: 9781521092576
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About the Book


Jerusa Phoenix’s life is anything but normal. As if having a congenital heart defect, and living with an overbearing mother isn’t bad enough, being able to see the lingering spirits of the dead is a level of strange she never thought would be topped.

That is, until she meets an otherworldly young man, whom she is convinced isn’t a ghost, but neither is he human. After a chance encounter leaves Jerusa ensnared by a group of vampires, her world quickly spins out of control, and she finds herself trapped in a heart racing struggle for survival.

Jerusa must rely on her supernatural gifts to maneuver this new world of the undead, where friends and enemies are not so easy to discern, and there are worse things stalking the night than ghosts and vampires.

HEART OF THE DEAD is the first installment in Gabriel Beyers’ vampire and ghost thriller series PERPETUAL CREATURES. Over 125 5-Star Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

If you love nail-biting paranormal action, gripping supernatural adventure, and a unique twist on your favorite fiends, then HEART OF THE DEAD is the book for you.

Give in to your thirst! Get HEART OF THE DEAD today, and enter a world full of vampires, ghosts, and all things undead.

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