Perpetual Creatures Books 1-3

Perpetual Creatures Books 1-3
eBook: $5.99
Series: Perpetual Creatures
Publisher: Gemini Gremlin Ink
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About the Book

Jerusa Phoenix’s life is anything but normal. As if having a congenital heart defect, and living with an overbearing mother isn’t bad enough, being able to see the lingering spirits of the dead is a level of strange she never thought would be topped.

That is until she meets an otherworldly young man, whom she is convinced isn’t a ghost, but neither is he human. After a series of misfortunes Jerusa find herself ensnared by a group of vampires. When the otherworldly man comes to her aid, bad goes to worse, and Jerusa finds herself trapped in a heart racing struggle for survival.

Jerusa must rely on her supernatural gifts to maneuver this new world of the undead, where friends and enemies are not so easy to discern, and there are worse things stalking the night than ghosts and vampires.

Ever since becoming a vampire, Jerusa Phoenix has been dreading the day she must stand before the Stewards of Life, the eldest and most powerful of the undead, to be judged worthy of being an immortal.

Jerusa’s nightmares come to light when a team of Hunters arrive to whisk her and her coven off to the Stewards’ hidden sanctuary. Danger lurks on every side. A new enemy–born in the ashes of Purgatory–now stalks Jerusa, even in the light of day. Rumors of an army of savages are whispered in the shadows.

But before Jerusa can face these deadly new threats, she must first survive the Stewards’ cruel and twisted tests.

Jerusa Phoenix’s life teeters on the edge of a knife. Alicia the ghost can no longer contain Jerusa’s insatiable thirst. It’s only a matter of time before the truth comes out and Jerusa’s new allies turn against her. Her only solace is in hunting savages.

Jerusa is disturbed to find just how well being a Hunter suits her. However, no matter how many she kills, there seems to be no end to Suhail’s army of flesh-eaters. Dark forces are aligning. Ancient enemies must set aside differences and unite to face the looming threat. War is coming. And the only one who knows the depths of Suhail’s power is trapped deep within the impenetrable fortress of Purgatory.

Perpetual life doesn’t mean much if the whole world comes to an end. But Jerusa is used to it. For her, death is a constant companion.

Though they said it couldn’t be done, Beyers has brought a unique new twist and mythology to the dark fantasy vampire / ghost genre. The Perpetual Creatures Series has it all: blood-drinkers, lingering spirits, divine beings, savage monsters, heroes to love, and villains to hate. If you’re a fan of nail-biting supernatural thrillers full of adventure and paranormal romance, then PERPETUAL CREATURES is the series for you.

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