Predatory Animals

Predatory Animals
Publisher: Gemini Gremlin Ink
ISBN: 9781479319244
A retired marine and a trio of unique dogs stand off against a family of killers while hunting a terrible evil hiding within the forest.
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About the Book

Casper Brown has given much of his life in service of his country, and now that he has retired from the Marines he wants nothing more than to settle down to small town life with his family, far away from the wars of his past. But when people begin vanishing in the forest around his home, Casper faces a new battle with an enemy unlike any he has imagined.

Casper trudges through the dark side of town, stumbling upon a secret buried within the town’s exotic-cat sanctuary, and a beloved family willing to do anything to keep it hidden. To discover the truth Casper must rely upon three enigmatic dogs that his family has adopted. Despite having an unexplained connection to the dogs – who are highly intelligent, and efficient hunters – Casper just doesn’t trust the trio of canines. Only with the dogs’ help can Casper hope to find what is hunting the town’s people.

The evil lurking within the forest has turned its eye upon Casper and his family. All that stands between its unquenchable hunger and the rest of the world is a retired Marine and three uncanny dogs.

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